John Caserta is a Providence-based designer and educator. He is an Assistant Professor and Department Head in the Graphic Design Department at The Rhode Island School of Design. He received an MFA from Yale University in 2004 and a BA in Journalism from The University of North Carolina in 1995.

Contact John at
The Design Office
204 Westminster Street
3rd Floor
Providence, RI 02903

In November of 2007, he founded The Design Office, an organization that supports local independent designers. The Office provides desk space, equipment, and community, while initiating collaborative projects and products. Several noteworthy projects include: Modern Pictograms, Flatfile, Letterboxes, Hobo: Everyday photographs of an everyday typeface, Generic Coffee/Tea Mugs, and a monograph on the work of local architect, Ira Rakatansky (William Stout Publishers, 2010).


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January 21, 2014