Redesigned Design Office website launches

I’m happy to announce that we’ve relaunched The Design Office website, still at

The website provides a better look inside the space by showing off its physical environs, profiling the people who are or have been involved since the beginning, providing specifics on how any designer can get involved, and listing a catalog of member-initiated projects.

The website also launches several projects and initiatives:

  • Open Office Hours: Bring your coffee and your laptop and work at the conference table. Any Friday morning from 9:30am until noon.
  • Work in Progress Critiques: Monthly discussions of work. Open to all.
  • Modern Pictograms: Typeface for interface designers developed originally for Flatfile … available now as a free download in OpenType and @fontface for Web.
  • Contact Sheet: Image gallery plug-in for WordPress. Developed for our new site by John and Sarah Bostwick, we’re making it available as a free download soon.
  • Heirloom Seed Kit: Sarah Rainwater’s holiday garden kit and calendar is documented and available for sale.
  • Pictures of Type: Online archive of found typography. Stay tuned to contribute. Hundreds of photos from John’s typography 1 class already online.

January 12, 2012