New RISD G.D. elective: “Call for Proposals”

Getting big ideas into the world requires a lot of preparation and teamwork. To realize self-initiated projects, designers need grants, other funding, exposure, and access. This course leads students through the various stages of early project development from big idea to finished proposal. We’ll review current best practices in pitching ideas, spend time taking and editing photos and video, and create a web presence for the project.

Students will work in teams, taking on various stages of a project’s development. Projects may be student-initiated or respond to actual calls for proposals. The semester culminates with a project website, emailable deck presentation and actual kickstarter video to secure funding. The course lends itself to students who are self-directed and have experience or interest working with video and web design. This course is open to students in all majors with permission from the instructor.

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December 5, 2012