Photographs on view in Berlin: “New Vintage Digital Vernacular Letters”

New Vintage Digital Vernacular Letters

The show will run from February 1st – March 31st. The opening party is Friday February 3rd
The free drinks will begin promptly at 18:00.

From the gallery website: “Thanks to digital cameras, smart phones, nearly unlimited storage space, and online social sharing it is easier than ever to capture, collect, and share images. Particularly exciting is the now relatively mainstream pursuit of photographing interesting found type and lettering. Whether it is encountered in one’s neighborhood or stumbled upon while traveling, there is seemingly no end to unique letters to be collected. This phenomenon is illustrated through dozens of blogs dedicated to found letters, to Flickr’s countless tagged images of type, and by sites like we love typography – currently with 12,000+ curated images.”

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January 31, 2012