John Caserta

John Caserta designs symbols, patterns, tools, sites, systems, classrooms and curriculum

10 Years of The Design Office
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  1. Feb 21→ Curriculum Vitae 1995-
  2. Feb 10→ Web Programming 2018 4-Week Wkshp
  3. Oct 17→ Introduction Start here
  4. Oct 16→ Philosophy of Teaching Design Ongoing
  5. Oct 13→ Student Work RISD GD
  6. Oct 10→ Flag as Civic Symbol RISD GD
  7. Sep 11→ The Web & Democracy RISD Elective
  8. Sep 8→ Typography III RISD GD
  9. Aug 16→ Vote Nirva LaFortune Campaign identity

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John Caserta is a designer and educator based in Providence, R.I. He is an Associate Professor in the Graphic Design Department at Rhode Island School of Design. He is founder and co-director of The Design Office, a workspace for designers. This site is updated regularly and outputs to a book with Bindery. Get in touch via email.