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  1. Feb 18→ Design & Politics Spring 2022 at RISD
  2. Jun 4→ Interview with The Noun Project
  3. May 1→ The Design Office to close. Everything Must Go.
  4. Mar 11→ How do you share what you know? RISD DS2
  5. Dec 15→ Reimagining Elections Video essay
  6. Oct 21→ Drone Letterforms RISD Type 1

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Interim Dean of Architecture + Design and formerly Department Head of the Graphic Design Department at Rhode Island School of Design. Founded The Design Office, a workspace for designers, in 2007, and ran it until its closing in 2021. Hear an interview that covers my teaching and design career. Read an overview of my work from The Noun Project. This site is updated regularly and outputs to a book with Bindery. Get in touch via email.