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Academic appointments with links to course materials where available. Teaching appointments are at RISD unless otherwise noted. This page contains 339 words and is filed under teaching

Teaching: 2006—16

A list of teaching appointments with links to course websites or class documentation where available.


  • Web Programming: 4-week (once-a-week) one-credit workshop, spring semester
  • Design Studio 2: Year two of the new GD undergraduate sophomore studio, spring semester.
  • Design Studio 1: Year two of the new GD undergraduate sophomore studio, fall semester.



  • HTML Output: Elective exploring the web browser as general interest design tool
  • Digital Bits: 3-day workshop for sophomores introducing web programming
  • Graduate Studio (with Bethany Johns)




  • Degree Project: Senior Degree Project, spring (I taught two sections)
  • Visual Systems: Three credit studio for juniors, spring
  • Web Design: Two week summer course taught at RISD
  • Graduate Open Research, Wintersession





  • Graduate Form & Communication
  • Graduate Open Research (with Ernesto Aparicio), Wintersession
  • Serendipity in the Digital Library Workshop


  • Graduate Open Research (with Bethany Johns), Wintersession

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