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Summarizing the period before joining the full-time faculty at RISD. There are many links to my previous website, a Wordpress theme that I developed to archive projects. This page contains 471 words and is filed under projects

Projects: 1994—2014



Saying you design websites is akin to saying you design for paper — there are many types of websites. I’ve had a fairly information design approach to design; focusing on conveying archival information, creating web applications, charts, etc. This sort of thinking led to two open-source Wordpress themes: Flatfile (2011) and Charrette (2013). I also designed a gallery plug-in for Wordpress called Contact Sheet.

When running my own independent practice from 2002 until 2012 I worked on a bunch of websites. An equally prolific period was working at The Chicago Tribune and freelancing the year after I left (1999-2000). Some of the projects are archived on my Flatfile site. See websites archive

I also produced a set of touchscreen graphics, worth a look since they were designed just before the iPhone was released. These were done in Flash and I worked with a few designers and developers to create them in just under a year for the new Normandy American Cemetery Visitor Center in France. See touchscreen archive. I also did more than my share of CD-ROMs. There are only two that I documented.

Information graphics

Explanatory graphics, aka information graphics, were a central part of my career from 1995 until 2012. These projects are the ones that I’ve saved from that part of my career. Notable here is a set of financial graphics for Thomson Reuters that I did with Hanaan Rosenthal.


I’ve worked with Providence printmaker Dan Wood since I arrived in Providence. We even did a 24-hour trade once where I made him a website in exchange for him printing The Design Office collateral. We made it 18 hours, but we each used what the other did for about 8 years. See letterpress archive

Dan Wood


I have put together a few photography projects over the years; my involvement with the camera peaking in the mid-2000s while on a Fulbright in Italy. My love of sheet film continued for a few years in Providence, held together by a project of the architecture of Ira Rakatansky, photographed with Thad Russell. See photography archive

Upstairs office at 15 Meeting Street, Providence


I’ve collaborated with type designers for years, resulting in a few speculative projects and a few small distribution projects. See typeface archive

Ziroli, this version with Jeremy Mickel


I have had the chance to work on a few books: speculative and published. See the book archive

Ira Rakatansky monograph

MFA Thesis

I was a graduate student at the Yale School of Art from 2002 until 2004. A few projects are documented on my flatfile site as well as website constructed specifically for the thesis project, titled Take Your Time, projects exploring slowness. Design Observer asked me to write a story about it. You may read it here.

Take Your Time, Yale MFA Thesis, 2004

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Designer and educator based in Providence, RI, USA. Associate Professor in the Graphic Design Department at Rhode Island School of Design (on sabbatical until fall 2020). Founder and director of The Design Office, a workspace for designers. Read a profile of the Office from AIGA Eye on Design. Hear an interview that covers my career and pedagogy. This site is updated regularly and outputs to a book with Bindery. Get in touch via email.